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“The simple act of caring is heroic.” - Edward Albert

And hence, we care 

Rising Care is responsible for offering 360-degree quality care that encompasses every aspect of caring required to facilitate the lives of the elderly. Acknowledging the fact, we go beyond just offering medical services and cater to all the requirements. 

Some of the other services we render are – 

  • Legal help 

The need of legal assistance can arise any time in your life. Thus, Rising Care offers comprehensive legal services in association with the top consultants of the city. Our legal professionals have years of experience and expertise, advising and guiding the members to tackle miscellaneous legal issues. 

  • Financial consultants 

Financial disability and dependency invites emotional distress among the elderly. After a certain age one may fail to make accurate financial decisions and hence, financial consultants play a pivotal role in shaping the monetary structure and well-being of the elderly. We arrange financial consultants to address the requirements of the senior citizens.

We deal with every legal issue of the senior citizen. To know the legal services in detail get in touch with us at +91 90380 77784 or +91 98309 61324.

No, we do not sell any financial product. Our financial advisors will help you shape your monetary condition and you can choose any financial product from any financial institution and financial bodies of your choice.

Our legal advisors and financial consultants are experts in their respective field and hold years of experience. They have served several clients and have addressed issues of different kinds and intensity.

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Legal Help

Financial Consultation

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