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At Plutus, we offer valuable customer reward programs for all aspects of digital engagement through loyalty cards. We offer a bouquet of attractive privilege & discounts in Dining, Hotels & Resorts, Shopping, Health, and Fitness, etc. Our services and network are available for both corporate and individual customers acquired from over 4000 corporate partners in India and abroad. In India, we are offering a new incentive program with attractive holiday packages, free health checkup schemes, free movie tickets, attractive discount coupons on OPD consultation, and health care and wellness ailments across the country and beyond.

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"Explore, the way our online reward program can help you grow your business"

Competent Professional

It is not enough to finish at once, that we have end numbers of innovative product to offer in our catalogs. We can let you know that, at our doorstep, you may find diverse range of exclusive products for your programs.

Our professional roots of experience are embedded in acknowledging the methods, services, and concepts that will let you drive the user’s interest in the direction that you are moving in. This is a secret strategy, but we want to help you access to those products along with a flexibility in service.

Superior Service

Most of the solutions at our loyalty program are crafted through an out of the box solution. We spend all of our time defining what we want to offer to our valued customers. By doing so, we intend to deliver and maintain the affordability in our service. At Plutus, we help the business to increase client visits by the maximum percentage. At the same time, we try to drive loyalty and bringing in more dough through our exclusive service.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that there are times when it costs much more to fulfill all your desires, for resolving later needs of tomorrow. So, Plutus follows a strong objective to cater to all your needs and for thousands of customers. Because at our place, we have built creative ways to scale your needs when you are ready. We will provide with the best experience to understand your needs today, for your better tomorrow thereby creating a fully functioning solution for you.

Why choose us?

Plutus has shaken its hands with the merchants who promise to offer quality and are recognized on an international scale. We have incorporated access to all possible services in a single convenience card to keep you away from the complexities of managing multiple reward coupons.

Who are we?

Today, you have someone who cares for all your needs. Plutus Loyalty have brought you with all in one solution through Plutus Card loyalty Program. Now you can grab the most exciting deals with just one card across 50+ location in India, with our premium services and offerings.

What We Do?

Today, in the growing world, you need someone to exclusively take care of all your needs starting from entertainment, leisure, and wellbeing. To care for all your needs, we bring one solution in one single card, ‘Plutus Card Loyalty'. Our reward program covers all types of food, restaurant, health, wellness, and entertainment benefits, allowing customers to get personalized engagement.
Plutus reward program facilitates multiple types of loyalty programs such as points, rewards, discount offers, tiered programs, loyalty card programs in the form of gifts for your employees and family members.

Why Trust us?

Not only can Plutus reward card be used at succeeding locations, but you can have a massive experience with our offering rewards and offers online. At the same time, we can craft an understanding to meet all our member’s requirement and desires.




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