Goseva Parivar

The Goseva Parivar is committed to spreading awareness and education about the pressing need to protect the endangered cow, our GoMata, from her decades-long exploitation and slaughter along with helping the Indians become self-reliant on farming and green energy production for daily use. We strive hard to resolve a host of critical issues with the help of out of the box approaches, by introducing a diversely wide gamut of social campaigns and public initiatives throughout the year, which have all the potential to appropriately address those key challenges. We are actively engaged in various crowdfunding activities and have constructed several cow sheds. We have also built a biogas plant for each of the forty-five adopted farmers to produce renewable energy from cow urine and the dungs.


  • Protecting the GoMatas and their progenies from slaughter and exploitation
  • Empowering the Gosevaks, that is, individuals who are devoted to take good care of the cows and their calves, to accomplish financial independence by equipping them with the specialised knowledge required for monetisation of the cow urine and their droppings
  • Increasing the level of awareness about the various advantages of saving the cows and their offspring among the citizens across the country as well as the Indian diaspora around the world
  • Reclaiming the long-lost pride of the GoMata and establish her as the national animal of India

Our Activities

Latest News

8 years old Manan Agarwal Donate Goseva Parivar in the name of Gomata

Manan Agarwal (age 8 years) son of Sri Vivek Agarwal, donated his entire pocket money amounting Rs.11000/- to Goseva Parivar in the name of Gomata. Hats off to this young…

Empowerment of rural women folk

Skills training for making cowdung diyas was given to women of some self help groups in Keshiyari block so that they could generate additional income for the family. Within a…

Visit of Shri Kadh Siddheshwari Swami Ji, the Mathashish of Kaneri Math Kolhapur

Respected Swamiji of Kaneri Math visited some villages in Bardhaman district on 9th September 2019 to see for himself the impact of GoGram Vikas work of Goseva Parivar. During the…

Goseva Parivar initiative

Tree plantation competition by the students of Keshiary Vidya Mandir. These students are using Gobar-gomutra as fertilizer and medicine. They are our future farmers.

Gogram Vikas project makes waves in Jharkhand

Lalit ji of GoSeva Parivar got an opportunity with support of Shri Sunil Manasighka Ji of Govigyan Anusandhan Kendra, to present the Gogram Vikas project on 30 September 2019, at…

GoGram volunteer village trip

Seven volunteers from Kolkata visited three villages in the Keshiyari block on 22nd September’19 to expand and review the work of GoGram Vikas. In Panchiyar village, discussions about the importance…