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Digital Marketing
Certification Courses

Digital Marketing Certification Courses

DURATION: 3 MONTHS (Intensive Theory)

Classes: 4 hours/week

Course fee : Rs. 5000/month

1. What is Digital Marketing?

In simplest terms, digital marketing means marketing products and services using the internet and digital media as the medium. It is the marketing strategy of today that allows brands to reach the target audience to gain return on investments. Further engaging details on this topic will be covered in the Classroom.

2. Basics of Digital Marketing?

It is important to understand the digital marketing basics regarding the various platforms including Website designing, Search engine optimization, Social Media Management etc. Engaging with each (or any) component in the right way allows growth of brand’s online presence in a powerful way. Attend our Classroom to learn more.

3. Overview of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is sort of an umbrella term that includes all the modern marketing strategies. We will talk about marketing tactics that involve reaching out to the target customers through online marketing. This is a vast field and can be quite overwhelming. In our comprehensive classroom studies we will guide you to understand all relevant components of digital marketing you’ll ever need to create a successful online marketing strategies.

4. Scope of work in Digital Marketing?

The question stands: Why should you take a Digital Marketing Course? Digital Marketing is a mandatory skill for a large number of professional roles in the industry today. The key reasons for which people take an Online Digital Marketing Course include Marketing Professionals: Upskilling | Professionals in other Roles: Upskilling, Career Shift, Freelancing | Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Promote Business, Manage Agency | Digital Marketing Professionals: Career Growth | Students & Freshers: Job, Freelancing. During classroom course, further elaboration on career opportunities and counselling of prospective students will be done.

5. Platforms of Digital Marketing?

It's important to evaluate emerging digital marketing platforms carefully since it's impossible for most companies to invest in everything and use it well for marketing. Different people, as per their product needs, prefer to access digital media differently. In our Classroom across different modules, we will elaborate know-hows on SEO, PPC, SMM, SMO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Webanalytics and more.

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